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RaceTrack - Boat Race Display Help

This page is the main page for an individual boat. It holds some basic information about the boat, two tables, one comprising rating/ranking information and the second holding information on the boat's race history and some options to display win/loss information against other boats, series summary information and historical RaceTrack rating information.

The first table holds rating related information if available. This includes the boat's RaceTrack rating, the Full History rating, and if known, the most recent PHRF, IRC and ORC inshore time on time ratings.

The second table, 'History of races' holds basic details for each of the races recorded for the boat in the RaceTrack database. You may filter this list by changing the 'ranking category' in the combo box above the table, limiting the table listing to only those races counting towards that ranking. You may sort the table by clicking on the appropriate column heading or reverse the order by clicking a second time on the column heading. You can scroll the table or alter the number of rows being displayed by clicking on the links below the table and by changing the 'races per page' setting.
The table holds the following items of information :