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RaceTrack - Boat Listings Help

This section allows for the selection of a boat from a list of all boats in the RaceTrack database. Clicking on the boat name will take you to that boat's details page.

The order in which boats are displayed can be changed by clicking on the appropriate column heading. The display order can be reversed by clicking on the column heading for the current sort order.

The 'search' section offers search and filter functions. A 'ranking type' can be chosen from the combo box. Ranking type defines the rules for inclusion in the displayed list, click here for information on the current ranking types.
You can search for a boat by entering the boat's name in the 'search for boat' option. The wildcard character * may be used for matching of partial names. If a single match is found, the appropriate page will be displayed with the searched for boat highlighted. If more than one match is found, a page comprising each of the matching boats is displayed.
In similar fashion to the boat search, a design can be searched for by entering the design in the 'search for design' box. Again, if an individual boat is found, it will be highlighted, if several boats matching the design are found, a page comprising these boats will be displayed.
Combining name and design will cause the search to find only those boats matching both criteria.

The main body of the 'boat listings' page holds a table of boats with the following information :

Ranking, The placing that RaceTrack currently ranks the boat on this row, where 1 is the fastest ranked boat.

Boat name, The name for that row of details. Clicking on the boat name takes you to that boat's details page.

rating, How RaceTrack currently rates the boat. The rating is a number in the form of a tcf (time correction factor). This number allows for a simple comparison from boat to boat and for a comparison of the same boat's performance over time. The higher the rating the faster RaceTrack considers the boat and the greater the difference between ratings the greater the relative performance difference.

Races, the number of races on which the boats rating and ranking is based. In general, the higher the number of races, the more accurate a boat's rating is likely to be. By the time a boat has 20 races, it's rating is usually quite accurate and will change only slowly.

rating mth, how RaceTrack has rated the boats performance in races for the current month only. Comparing the monthly rating with the overall rating gives an idea of whether the boat is performing better or worse in the current month.

# Races mth, The number of races recorded for the boat this month.

Ranking chg, how many ranking places the boat has moved up, or down, this month. A movement 'up' is an improvement in the boat's ranking. This calculation accounts for new boats in the rankings that enter the rankings higher than the boat on the displayed row and similarly any boats that have dropped out in the month.

Design, If known, the class or design of the boat. If a class page exists, clicking on the class name takes you to that class's details page.

The bottom section of this page allows you to specify how many rows of details should appear in each table. It also has links to allow for quick changing between pages of detail where the number of lines of detail is greater than can be held in the table for a single page.