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RaceTrack - Race Display Help

This page is the main page to display race information. It holds some basic information about the race and a table listing the boats in the race and how they performed.

The top section lists some basic information about the race, the club, series, division and so forth. Clicking on the club, series or division will take you to a page for that club, series or division.

Results can be displayed in several formats. The default RaceTrack format displays the boats, elapsed time, how RaceTrack thinks they performed both as a rating for the race and as a percentage against the boat's race history and gives a corrected time and placing if the boat's RaceTrack rating (from the beginning of that month) were used as a handicap.

If four or more boats had a PHRF handicap for the period the race was run, changing the 'result type' to PHRF will display results using the PHRF handicaps

If four or more boats have had a IRC or ORC handicap, then 'result type' will allow you to select IRC or ORC and will display results based on these ratings. Note, ORC uses 'single number time on time' handicaps because race distance information is generally not available. For this reason, results may differ from true ORC results which typically use a combination of time correction and distance adjustment to compute their result

The 'results table' holds the result information. You may sort the table by clicking on the appropriate column heading or reverse the order by clicking a second time on the column heading. You can scroll the table or alter the number of rows being displayed by clicking on the links below the table and by changing the 'boats per page' setting.
The table holds the following items of information :