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RaceTrack - Recent racing Help

This page lists the most recent races added into the RaceTrack database. It is grouped into date added, club and series with each race as a clickable link to take you to that races details.

The order in which racing is displayed can be changed by clicking on the appropriate column heading. The display order can be reversed by clicking on the column heading for the current sort order.

The main table holds the following information :

Date added, the date the race information was loaded into RaceTrack.

Club, The club for which race information is being displayed.

Series, the series for which races are being displayed.

Races, A link for each race in that series that was loaded. Typically the link name comprises a single letter for the division and the race number for the race within the series.

The bottom section of this page allows you to specify how many rows of details should appear in each table. It also has links to allow for quick changing between pages of detail where the number of lines of detail is greater than can be held in the table for a single page.