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Congratulations, you are one of the remarkably few people who actually has the initiative to use the help on a website, you are to be commended as a truly inovative individual.

You, being obviously a wise person with great experience in the ways of the world, will no doubt be aware that writing help pages is a task which taxes the mental stability of even the most balanced web developer and is typically outlawed by the occupational health and safety legislation of advanced nations.

The author of this website is one of the 'unfortunates' who, whilst endeavouring to meet the demanding standards of internet users such as yourself, has fallen to the perils of writing help pages and been lead off, muttering and babbling to himself, to a warm padded cell where he will be fed nothing but mashed potato with plastic spoons until such time as his sanity returns and he can once again embark on the exciting adventure of completing the help section of the website.

This, we believe, may happen in the next couple of weeks, in the meantime he can be contacted by clicking here, he'll be happy to help as best he can, it will make a nice change from the smiling therapists and mashed potatoes.