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Handicap : Waikawa twilight and winter
As at: 15-Aug-2018
Description : Design and up to 9 best prior races

Waikawa twilight and winter - Boat name order

Boat name Handicap Most current Previous - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Bavaria 0.6701 wnt18-07 wnt18-06 wnt18-04 (wnt18-03) wnt18-02 (wnt18-01)
Blaze-Away 0.7135 wnt18-06 wnt18-04 (wnt18-03) (wnt18-02) (wnt18-01) (wnt17-03)
Bluebird 0.8486 (wnt18-07) (wnt18-06) (wnt18-04) (wnt18-03) (wnt18-02) (wnt18-01)
Bump n Grind 0.7572 wnt18-07 (wnt18-06) (wnt18-04) wnt18-03 wnt18-01 (TN18-10)
D'Edge 0.7229 (wnt18-01) (TN18-10) (TN18-09) TN18-08 (TN18-07) (TN18-06)
Davision Bell 0.6661 (KS17-10) (KS17-09) (KS17-03) (KS17-01)
Drinks Trolley 0.8544 wnt18-04 wnt18-03 (wnt18-01) TN18-09 (TN18-08) TN18-07
Excel 0.7344 (TN18-10) (TN18-09) (TN18-08) TN18-06 (TN18-04) TN18-03
Fame 0.7194 (wnt16-09) wnt16-08 (wnt16-07) (wnt16-05) wnt16-04 (wnt16-03)
Family Affair 0.7030 (wnt18-06) (wnt18-04) (wnt18-03) (wnt18-01) (wnt16-08) wnt16-07
Femme Fatale 0.6917 (SM15-06) (SM15-03)
Fiesta 0.7173 (wnt17-09) (wnt17-03) (wnt17-04) (wnt17-02)
Flying Fox 0.8064 (wnt18-06) (TN18-10) TN18-08 TN18-07 (TN18-06) (TN18-04)
Flying Tiger 0.8685 (wnt18-07) (wnt18-04) (wnt18-03) (wnt18-02) (wnt18-01) (TN18-10)
Freaky 0.7029 (wnt18-07) (wnt18-06) (wnt18-04) wnt18-03 (wnt18-02) wnt18-01
Free Radical II 0.7848 (wnt17-08) (wnt17-05) wnt17-03 wnt17-04 wnt17-02 (wnt16-01)
Free Rein 0.7545 (SM16-10) (SM16-08) SM16-05 (SM16-04) (SM16-02) (SM16-01)
Galaxsea 0.6541 (wnt18-01) (wnt16-09) (wnt16-07) (wnt16-05)
Global 0.7839 TN18-09 TN18-08 (TN18-07) (TN18-06) (TN18-04) (TN18-02)
High Society 0.8025 (SM17-09) (SM17-08) SM17-07 SM17-06 (SM17-05) SM17-02
High Voltage 0.8645 (TN18-09) (TN18-08) (TN18-07) TN18-06 (TN18-04) (TN18-03)
Honk 'n' Jack 0.9100 (TN18-09) (TN18-03) (TN18-01) (SM17-10) SM17-09 SM17-08
Imagine It 0.7558 wnt18-07 (wnt18-06) wnt18-04 wnt18-03 (wnt18-01) TN18-10
Khamsin 0.8012 (wnt18-06) (wnt18-04) wnt18-03 wnt18-02 wnt18-01 TN18-10
Macintosh 0.7859 (TN18-10) TN18-09 (TN18-08) (TN18-06) (SM17-08) (SM17-07)
Midnight 0.8769 (wnt18-06) (TN18-10) TN18-09 TN18-08 (TN18-07) TN18-06
Moon Spinner II 0.7196 (wnt18-04) wnt18-03 (wnt18-01) wnt16-09 (wnt16-08) (wnt16-07)
MRX 9002 0.8199 TN18-09 TN18-08 (TN18-07) (TN18-06) (TN18-04) (TN18-03)
Northern Rebel II 0.8869 (wnt18-07) (wnt18-06) wnt18-04 wnt18-03 TN18-08 (TN18-07)
Oldsmobile 0.8143 (wnt18-07) wnt18-06 wnt18-04 wnt18-03 (wnt18-02) (wnt18-01)
Olmari 0.6922 (TN18-10) TN18-09 TN18-08 TN18-07 (TN18-04) TN18-03
On Appro 0.7769 (wnt18-07) wnt18-06 wnt18-04 (wnt18-03) wnt18-02 (wnt18-01)
Paperchase 0.7124 wnt17-09 (wnt17-08) (wnt17-07) (wnt17-06) (wnt17-05) wnt17-03
Paradigm 0.9017 (OM16-04)
Playwright 0.7575 KS17-10 (KS17-09) KS17-08 (KS17-07) (KS17-06) (KS17-05)
Prime Suspect 0.8023 wnt18-07 wnt18-06 wnt18-04 wnt18-03 wnt18-02 wnt18-01
Raconteur 0.7712 (wnt18-06) (wnt18-04) (wnt18-03) (wnt18-02) wnt18-01 (TN18-10)
Rapport 0.7705 (TN18-10) TN18-09 (TN18-08) TN18-07 (TN18-06) TN18-04
Ricochet 0.6688 wnt18-06 wnt18-04 wnt18-03 (wnt18-02) wnt17-03 (wnt17-04)
Satelite Spy 0.9519 (wnt18-06) (wnt18-03) (TN18-10) TN18-09 (TN18-08) TN18-07
Satu 0.6783 (wnt18-07) wnt18-06 wnt18-03 (wnt18-01) TN18-09 TN18-08
SCARLETT O'HARA 0.7702 KS17-10 (KS17-08) (KS17-07) KS17-05 (KS17-02) SM16-08
Sequin 0.7450 (wnt18-07) (wnt18-06) (wnt18-04) (wnt18-03)
Settimio 0.6248 (TN18-09) TN18-08 (TN18-07) (TN18-06) (TN18-04) (TN18-03)
Sirrah 0.7581 wnt18-07 (wnt18-06) wnt18-04 wnt18-03 (wnt18-02) (wnt17-05)
Slingshot 0.8241 (TN18-10) TN18-09 TN18-08 TN18-06 TN18-04 TN18-03
Thatís Amore 0.8507 (wnt18-07) wnt18-06 (wnt18-04) (wnt18-03) wnt18-02 (wnt18-01)
Vedann 0.7624 (KS17-05)
Voila 0.8864 (wnt16-09) (wnt16-08) (wnt16-07) (wnt16-04) (wnt16-01)
Welcome Home 0.6742 (wnt17-09) (wnt17-06) (wnt17-03) (wnt17-04) (wnt17-02) (KS17-10)

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